The Northern Technical University participates in a workshop on the TAWASOL project, funded by the Canadian government, aiming to enhance economic empowerment and create comprehensive employment opportunities for graduates.

In line with the vision and mission of the Northern Technical University to enhance cooperation with the private sector and provide employment opportunities for graduates, and […]

The Council of Northern Technical University holds its ninth session for the academic year 2022-2023 for the morning and evening studies at the premises of Mosul Technical Administration College.

The session was chaired by Dr. Aliaa Abbas Al-Atar, the President of Northern Technical University. It was attended by the Assistant Presidents of the University for […]

Master’s Thesis at Northern Technical University discusses the effect of the combined attack of sulfates-chlorides on the properties of cement mortar…

The Master’s Thesis in Engineering Technology at the College of Engineering Technology/Mosul titled: “Effect of Combined Attack of Sulfates-Chlorides on Properties of Cement Mortar Containing Waste […]