Northern Technical University seeks to be: The incubator of science and scientists in Iraq, and the first resource  of graduate technicians with intellectual , emotional,  and skill excellence. NTU is looking forwrad to be the place of  development planning in the whole of Iraq, the first pillar to achieve sustainable development in Iraq, the University of cognitive and applied science, elevate the knowledge  pyramid to the level of Evaluation at the top of the knowledge pyramid.


Northern Technical University is a  combination of modernity in thought Knowledge, tradition and quality in Scientific, research and skills giving , and adopts continuous updating its technical approaches to keep pace with the changes Reflected scientific developments on the quality of the outputs of the graduates To achieve the university’s motto (from seats study to work fields)


1. Preparing highly skilled technical staff in the field of specialization capable of dealing with all the accelerating technical changes in the world.
2 . Bridging the gap between the traditional scientific curricula and the modern scientific curricula in order to create a reality that achieves all future aspirations and to create an applied scientific and research environment that achieves concepts and objectives of ((the productive university)) and the scope outside the walls of the university campus for openness and fruitful interaction with the fields of work.