Department of Legal Administration

The department was established in 2020/2021 and aims to prepare qualified technical personnel to complete criminal investigation, procedural and administrative legal work required by working in the judicial field, other state institutions and the private sector. The graduating student will receive a diploma in legal management
Admission requirements
Students of both sexes
Graduation from high school in the literary and scientific branch (biological and applied).
Specialized content of the scientific department
The student must pass at least two years of study, during which he must cover the theoretical and practical teaching hours, which amount to (2070) hours (270 summer internship hours), and a total of (123) units. Studying at the department depends on the annual school system.
Obtaining a certificate
The diploma in the field of law management is obtained after passing theoretical and practical tests by the number of units and weekly hours. The student must succeed in the first and second stages within a period of at least two years. The results of the final examinations of students are received by the examination committees of the Department. The minimum success rate should be50%).)
The student must complete the summer internship period in one of the legal departments specialized in law (60) days during the summer vacation in the first stage and be evaluated by the summer internship committee periodically. Unannounced visits and an assessment form to be filled out by the training body.
It is also required for success and awarding a diploma to the student to submit a research project in the specialty in the second grade and is followed by the supervisor responsible for supervising the research and is conducted at the end of the year. The duration of the preparation of the research and the date of its delivery, then discuss it by a date to be determined by a specialized committee in the scientific department.
The above students receive a 50% mark depending on the nature of the course. Grades are given to students before the end-of-year exams. The following table (1) shows how students ‘ grades are calculated during the first semester, the second semester.


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