The Published research of the

Teaching Staff




No.Full teaching name Scientific departmentSearch nameLink to the research published in the journalThe name of the Journal in which it was published
1Dr.Ansam Hussen AliPharmacy techniquesContraceptive effect on ovarian cysts and Pharmaceutical Science Archives
2Effect on Vitamin D supplements and Fatty Acids in management of
cardiovascular diseases of Population Therapeutics and Clinical Pharmacology
3Nada Wahab Medical laboratory technologiesThe role of spraying with NPK chemical fertilizer and organic fertilizer on some vegetative and floral indicators and the Active ingredients Origanum majorana Journal of Agricultural Sciences
4Rabah abdaljbar jasimMedical device technologiesDirective and Steerable Radiation Pattern Using SASPA array of Engineering, Iraq
5Dr.Ghassan Jasim HadiMechanicsKinetic Study of Ethanol Dehydration to Ethylene and Diethyl Ether in Catalytic Packed Bed Reactor Over ZSM-5 Catalyst Journal of Engineering Sciences
6Hayder Ali MohsenAccountingThe Impact of Using of Financial Technology (FINTECH) on Improving the Financial Information Quality for Jordanian commercial banks: A Mediating Role of Information Technology Governance (COBIT) of financial and accounting Sciences
7Dr. Hanan Shehab AhmedProsthetic limbsA therapeutic attempt by water extract of mentha piperita for amoebic dysentery in vivo and its effect on blood image Conference proceedings
8Correlation study of hemoglobin and hematocrit levels with BMI,
age, and gender and determination of the risk of anaemia in adult
residents of Iraq Nanoscience
9Effects Of Some Fungal Secondary Metabolite Against Some Cancer Cell Line Journal of Medical Science
10Study of the effect of chitosan andnystatin forRabbits treated with Candida krusei yeast on blood parameters, electrolytes and intestinal tissue of Pharmaceutical Negative Results
12The legal system of administrative decentralization in Iraqi law Militaris 
13Provisions of discipline of students of Iraqi universities under e-learning Journal
14The legal nature of digital human rights and their legal framework University Journal of law
15Asmma Munem AbdallatefMechanical techniqueseffect of rotational speed for friction stir welding/processing on the mechanical properties and microstructure of 5083-Oaluminum alloy publishing
16Layla Talal AhmedLegal management techniquesAlienation in the poetry of ISA Sheikh Hassan-yagbal Obi with him as a University Journal of Humanities
17Hadi Maran AhmedAccounting techniques The Role of Strategic Awareness in Promoting Strategic Agility JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS MANAGEMEN
18Diagnosing the Most Important Future Threats to the General External Environment on Iraqi and International Organizations Using PESTEL Analysis and Ways to Confront Themhttps://economics.academicjournal.ioAcademic Journal of Digital Economics and Stability
19The role of emotional intelligence in promoting outstanding performance - Analytical study of the opinions of a sample of employees of the North Refineries Company - Baiji Refinery University Journal of administrative and Economic Sciences
20The role of agile leadership in reducing organizational obesity
An exploratory study in the Salah Al-Din Department of Health of Business Economics for Applied Research
21The Use of the Organizational Identification to Enhance Psychological Empowerment among a Sample of Workers in the Saladin Education Directorate Academic Journal of Accounting and Financial Management
22Abbas Hady HomadyMedical laboratoriesAssociation between mitochondrial DNA copy number and high viral load in women with high-risk human papillomavirus Results in Biomedicine
23Marwan Abdalrazaq KamelPharmacy techniquesDiagnosis of external parasites of species of fish of Tigris River passing through Al-Dur district / Iraq Journal of Entomology Research
25Laith Abdalrazaq KamelAccounting techniquesThe analytical relationship between the quality of work life and job satisfaction/ an exploratory study in a number of Salahalddin education schools University Journal of administrative and Economic Sciences
26The Use of the Organizational Identification to Enhance Psychological Empowerment among a Sample of Workers in the SaladinEducation Directorate Journal ofAccountingandFinancial Management
Nessren Abdullah BdeoyAccounting techniquesThe Role of Digital Leadership in Promoting Cognitive Engagement: An Exploratory Study of A Sample of Employees in Telecommunication Companies/Salah Al−Din Governorate Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal
The Role of Humble Leadership Behaviors in Restricting Organizational Silence: An Investigative Study of Faculty Members’ Opinions in the College of Administration and Economics at Tikrit University Academic
Journal of
Organizational Behavior
and Human Resource
24The Use of the Organizational Identification to Enhance Psychological Empowerment among a Sample of Workers in the Saladin Education Directorate Academic Journal of Accounting and Financial Management, Vol. 9, No. 2, pp. 89-99.