Department of medical device technologies

The department was established in 2022-2023 ​

About the Department:

The department was established in 2022 to provide technical education to high school graduates from the scientific branch (applied or biological) and the vocational study of the industrial branch. It is open to both genders and aims to prepare middle technical cadres who can obtain a technical diploma. The department offers Engineering Sciences courses in specialized fields like medical devices and teaches students how to use and maintain them. Additionally, students receive two months of focused training at various specialized training institutions in Salah al-Din governorate.


The Graduates of high school in the biological, and applied scientific branch and the top 10 in vocational study are accepted.  The top 10% of graduates are entitled to complete medical device technology engineering to obtain a bachelor’s degree.


The Medical Device Technologies Department aims to provide health institutions and the labor market with intermediate technical cadres with modern sciences and technologies for various electronic and electromechanical medical devices.


Prepare intermediate technical cadres specialized in installing, calibrating, operating, and maintaining medical devices of all types.


1.To prepare technically qualified professionals in medical device technology who can work in the public, private, and mixed sectors.

2. To provide the latest medical equipment and technologies for education to keep up with market developments.

3. To train and enhance department staff’s expertise both inside and outside the country in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and private sector hospitals.

4. To partner with public institutions and the private sector to ensure the department’s outputs are maximally beneficial.

Graduate job description:

  1. Equip the graduate with the knowledge and skills required to manage the systems of medical devices, including their installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

  2. Provide the graduate with fundamental information about specialized equipment, from selecting the appropriate device to understanding its basic operations, maintenance, and different types.

  3. Prepare the graduate for the job market by familiarizing them with the latest scientific advancements in medical devices and their various requirements.

  4. Enable the graduate to solve technical issues related to medical devices, including identifying and repairing system malfunctions, detecting faults, and installing and operating medical devices.

  5. Prepare the graduate to recognize and comprehend the sources and necessities of progress in medical device systems.

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