Department of Electronic Technologies

About the Department:

The department was established in 1988 since the establishment of the institute. The department receives exclusively students from high school for the scientific stream (applied and biological) and vocational studies for the industrial stream, of both genders. It aims to prepare intermediate technical cadres who hold a technical diploma. Students receive engineering sciences in the fields of electronics, electrical circuits, communications, personal computers, precision, measuring devices, audio-visual devices, and other specialized sciences, and it gives important lessons in device maintenance. Students receive two months of focused training in several industrial establishments located in Saladin Governorate.

The department contains specialized scientific laboratories, namely (Measurement Instruments, Electronic Circuits, Electrical Circuits, Communications Laboratory, Electronics, Computer, Audio and Visual, Control (PLC), and Digital Circuits., microcomputers, in addition to maintenance workshops and electrical laboratories)

The department contains specialized scientific workshops such as a workshop for measuring devices, electronic circuits, electrical circuits, communications, electronics, computers, audio-visual, control (PLC), digital circuits, and microcomputers.  


During the period of his studies, the student can acquire technical skills in operating and maintaining electronic devices, in addition to providing knowledge of computer technologies in various fields.


Providing experience in dealing with electronic devices, computers, and modern technology, ways to benefit from them in various practical applications, how to deal with their solid materials and installation, and the necessary knowledge of electronic devices.


The department aims to graduate qualified technical cadres to work in the operation and maintenance of electronic circuits, audio and video devices, receiving and transmitting devices, and microprocessor circuits.

Job description of the graduate:

  A must-have for graduates:

  1. The knowledge and skill necessary to manage computer systems, how to deal with and install their solid materials, and the necessary knowledge of electronic devices.

  2. Basic information in the field of computer specialization, starting with choosing the most appropriate hardware, passing through the basics of operation, all the way to assembly and maintenance of both types.

  3. The ability to enter the world of work according to its various requirements while enabling him to understand scientific developments in the field of computers, their networks, and their operation.

  4. The ability to solve technical problems in the computer field, overcome system malfunctions, analyze their causes, and maintain, operate, and install electronic devices.

  5. The ability to identify and understand the sources and requirements for development in computer systems.

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