Department of Accounting Techniques

 About the Department:

The Department of Accounting Technologies was founded in 1988 and is one of the scientific departments at the Technical Institute located in Al-Dour, Salah al-Din Governorate. The department accepts high school graduates from various branches, including applied, biological, literary, and commercial, and trains them to become middle administrative cadres in the field of accounting. Students are provided with training opportunities in various state institutions, particularly in their accounting departments. The department attracts students from all governorates of Iraq, and the number of students enrolled in the program is continually growing. The department utilizes effective teaching and learning strategies as well as scientific research methodologies.



from the department can be summarized as follows:

  1. The role of the accountant in achieving economic development should be reinforced by promoting their impartial and supervisory role in completing the work.

  2. The accounting profession should be developed by creating a scientific environment that enhances accounting research and supplying the labor market with graduates who possess knowledge, capabilities, and vocational and academic skills. Additionally, these graduates should possess moral values that enable them to face the challenges posed by accounting science and the changing business environment. This can be achieved by innovating accounting programs, preparing research, and establishing an effective relationship with the business environment and the accounting profession.

  3. The department aims to prepare competent accountants who are qualified for a successful professional life in the public and private sectors. This can be achieved by providing interactive, student-based e-learning that encourages entrepreneurship.

Aims :

  1. To effectively use educational technologies to achieve the educational objectives of the program.

  2. To meet the labor market’s needs for qualified human resources in the field of accounting and legal auditing.

  3. To contribute to the development of the best educational methods in the field of accounting.

  4. To ensure the highest levels of compatibility between educational outcomes and skills required by the labor market.

  5. To prepare appropriately and sufficiently qualified cadres to bear the burdens of the profession as accountants or auditors in the government or business sectors based on the needs of society.

  6. To raise the level of teaching performance in line with the department’s requirements in the future by attracting distinguished scientific competencies.

Core values:

The department urges students to adhere to basic values and maintain the rules of professional conduct, such as honesty, integrity, and transparency of accounting work. Additionally, students should preserve customer secrets and consider the accountant an essential element in eliminating financial corruption.

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