Department of Legal Administration

About the department:

Prepare skilled technical personnel to carry out criminal investigations, as well as administrative and procedural legal work required by the judicial field, state institutions, and the private sector.

Admission requirements:

  The department accepts students of both genders who are graduates of high school in the literary and scientific branches (biological and applied).


The specialized content of the department:

A student must complete a minimum of two academic years. During this time, they will need to attend both theoretical and practical teaching sessions, which will amount to 2070 hours. Additionally, they will need to complete 270 hours of summer training, for a total of 123 units. The course system for studying in this department is dependent on the individual student’s needs.


Obtaining a certificate:

  1. To obtain a diploma in law administration, students must pass theoretical and practical exams, which are dependent on the number of units and weekly hours. The first and second stages must be completed within a minimum of two years, and the minimum success rate is 50%. Final examination results are evaluated by examination committees within the department.


  1. During the first stage, students must complete (60 days) of summer training in a state department related to the law. The Summer Training Committee will periodically evaluate the students, and surprise visits may occur. The entity conducting the training will also fill out an evaluation form.


  1. In the second year, students must submit a research project in their specialty, which will be supervised by a faculty member responsible for research. The specialized committee in the scientific department will determine the duration of preparing the research, as well as the date of its submission and discussion. Students must successfully complete this requirement in order to be awarded a diploma.

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