The Agricultural Technical College and the Medical Technical Institute / Mosul organize an exhibition of plants, flowers and ornamental fish.

Unit of Empowering women organized in cooperation with the Department of Plant Production Technologies at the College of Agricultural Technology, an exhibition of plants, flowers and […]

Academic team from Northern Technical University visited the Belgian University of Ghent Ghent university / Faculty of engineering and architecture.

Within the plan of the Northern Technical University and its vision of openness to international universities and commissioned by the President of the University, Professor Dr. […]

Northern Technical University concludes the hosting of the Iraqi public and private universities’ championship for the northern region of futsal…

Under the patronage of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and under the supervision of the President of the Northern Technical University, Professor Dr. […]

The President of Northern Technical University participates in the fifteenth conference of the CONFERMO General Assembly in Doha, Qatar (November 30, 2023) 

Professor Dr. Aliaa Abbas Al-Attar, President of Northern Technical University, participated in the fifteenth conference of the CONFERMO General Assembly, which was held from November 29 […]