The Northern Technical University is at the forefront of every initiative aimed at developing and nurturing the private sector through its students and graduates.

Under the patronage of Dr. Aliaa Abbas Ali Al-Attar, the President of the Northern Technical University, and under the supervision and presence of Dr. Omar Raafat […]

Aspects of the final practical field exams in surgical operation halls, intensive care units, and anesthesia units for students of the second stage of Anesthesia Techniques Department, both morning and evening studies, which were conducted in the following hospitals:

1. Al-Mosul General Hospital 2. Al-Khansa Educational Hospital (Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Department of Pediatric Surgery) 3. Al-Salam Educational Hospital 4. Al-Jumhuri Educational Hospital […]

Mosul Technical Institute organizes a scientific course entitled “Developing the Most Effective Habits for Government Employees to Enhance Service Quality and Achieve Economic Development”

Under the patronage of NTU President, Dr. Aliya Abbas Al-Attar, and under the supervision of the Dean of Mosul Technical Institute , Assistant Professor Shahla Abdulwahab […]