Under the direction of the President of Northern Technical University, Dr. Aliya Abbas Ali Al-Attar, and under the supervision and presence of the Vice President for Scientific Affairs, Dr. Omar Raafat Mahmoud, (the Central Committee at the university organized the first workshop (in-person and virtual) on the implementation of the Bologna Process in engineering colleges in Mosul and Kirkuk)

The workshop was attended by the deans of the colleges, their assistants, as well as heads of departments and members of the sub-committees responsible for implementing […]

The Technical Institute of Mosul organized a seminar titled “Smoking, Its Harmful Effects, and Its Impact on Individual and Community Health”…

under the sponsorship of Dr. Aliaa Abbas Al-Attar, the President of Northern Technical University, and the supervision of Assistant Professor Shahla Abdulwahab Abdulqader, the Dean of […]