The President of Northern Technical University inspects the progress of the final evaluation examination at the College of Health and Medical Technology…

Based on her message and policy of developing the educational environment, enhancing its scientific foundations, measuring the quality of its outputs, and improving them, the Ministry […]

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Mrs. Aliaa Abbas Ali Al-Attar, the President of Northern Technical University, inspects the preparations for establishing the Oil and Gas Technologies College at Kirkuk, and oversees […]

Northern Technical University making joint scientific cooperation with the University of Anbar…

This desire comes from the Northern Technical University, represented by its President, Professor Dr. Aliya Abbas Ali Al-Attar, and the University of Anbar, represented by its […]

Mrs. President of Northern Technical University, in the realm of Al-Anbar University…

In her desire to strengthen the academic relations between our university and the governmental and private universities, Mrs. President of Northern Technical University, Professor Dr. Aliaa […]