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Through its vital Branches (Electronics, Computer Techniques, Control Devices, and Medical Devices), the Department of Electronic Techniques is a research hub that advances society with contemporary electronic specialties.


The Department’s message is to qualify and graduate technical staff holding technical diplomas after two academic years, contributing to meeting and covering the needs of the country and the labor market under the approved international quality standards.


To train students to use modern laboratory equipment and software for conducting and simulating practical experiments as part of an ongoing plan to develop educational curricula and programs.

To graduate qualified and efficient technical staff having the technical skill in dealing with electronic devices in terms of operation and maintenance to meet the needs of society and work in government departments and the private sector.

Graduate job description

1- The graduate is taught to solve technical problems in electronic devices, overcome their malfunctions, and analyze and determine the causes.

2- To provide the graduates with the necessary knowledge and skills to manage computer systems and deal with soft and solid components.

3- To train graduates to solve technical problems in medical devices and calibrate them to ensure suitability.

4- To train the graduate to be aware of the health risks of using medical devices and ways to prevent their risks.

5- To operate and maintain electric motors of all kinds.

6- To draw electrical maps by using AutoCAD.

Laboratories of the Department

  • Digital circuit laboratory

  • Microcomputer laboratory

  • Electronic laboratory

  • Computer networks laboratory

  • Simulator laboratory

  • Measuring devices laboratory

  • Computer applications laboratory

  • Electronic circuit laboratory

  • Communication laboratory

  • Laboratory of TV and radio maintenance

  • Laboratory control devices

  • Electronic workshop

  • Electrical workshop