Dormitory Application Process and Regulations

The Dormitory aims to:

1- provide a study environment to urge students to study.

2- promote social equality.

3- Focus on building a highly positive classroom community where students clearly understand their roles and responsibilities, and feel deeply empowered to take ownership of their learning.

4- Encourage classroom dialogue through debates, seminars, and lectures

5- Boost student development via artistic, cultural, and physical activities.

Dormitory Accommodation:

1- Students are granted dormitory accommodation for the duration of their studies.

2- Students must be free from contagious and infectious diseases, as documented by an official medical report.

3- Apply online for dorms within two weeks of acceptance using the university’s designated form.

4- Further-away students are prioritized for dorms, considering their limited transportation options.

Application Deadline and Procedure

  • Registration begins at the start of the academic year.

  • Endorsement from the student’s accepted academic department is required.

  • Applications are submitted to the dormitory department.

  • Necessary supporting documents must be provided.