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The department looks forward to restoring, developing and qualifying a technical cadre capable of promoting the national industry and making optimal use of scientific development to advance the petroleum and chemical industries by graduating competent technicians who will bear the burden of the transitional period for our beloved homeland and have the ability to produce a highly efficient national material at a lower economic cost to compete with importers from outside the country. In addition to preparing a distinguished technical staff with high quality education, as well as directing the graduate to work small projects that will benefit the future. The department also seeks to be one of the advanced departments in the coming years.


As for the message, it is the nature of the tasks and duties that are determined for the purpose of implementation in a manner that best satisfies the needs of the community it serves and is consistent with the vision of the educational organization in the scientific and applied field. The department’s mission is determined by preparing technical cadres responsible for engineering, maintaining and maintaining factories and stations with academic knowledge and skills.


The Department of Chemical Industry Technologies aims to

  • Prepare technical technicians with the best contemporary technology for industry and academic study .
  • Enabling students to access and learn about the latest contemporary technologies for the chemical and petrochemical industries via the Internet
  • Trying to encourage students to conduct joint research with other institutions to learn about the latest methods, including devices and publications, for organizing work .
  • Emphasizing summer training for students in laboratories, making multiple visits by teaching staff to students in laboratories, and ensuring the other party’s ability to give the student an opportunity for field practice and practical benefit.

Continuous evaluation of the curricula given to the student and the extent to which they keep pace with rapid development in the world .
Paying serious attention to operational and engineering projects and trying to include a discussion member from the industry for which the project is designed .

Graduate Description 

The graduate learns:

1- How to use and manage the various chemical industrial units’ operating systems.

2-Performing chemical, physical, and laboratory testing on goods and raw materials and working with expert staff to improve industrial units.

3- Familiarity with blueprints, maps, and business strategies.

4. Performing preventative and routine maintenance on the facilities used in the chemicals. The Department is building a technical education system based on an applied and practical academic framework.