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It is a department of technical learning founded to provide excellence in education and to participate in the advancement of technical knowledge. To achieve its vision, the department gives priority to modern applications to become a pioneer in offering technical services based on the principles of competition and community collaboration.


To emphasize the department’s excellence, the department of Mechanics develops a general message each year based on the Iraqi framework of technical education. The main goals revolve around producing national technical staff that can assimilate technological systems and support the process of technical development to stay up with the swiftly advancing global technical advancements.

The message implies:

  • using internet and computer technology for training and education.

  • establishing a partnership with the private sector in training.

  • Subsequently, updating the laboratories, workshops and the training plan curriculum.

  • interaction between community needs for training and qualifications and the labor market.


The aim of the production branch is to train the technical staff acting as a bridge between specialists and skilled workers. The department equips the graduate with the theoretical, applied, and practical knowledge necessary for him to complete the tasks assigned to him.