Department of Survey Techniques


The Department  of Survey Techniques is established to be a scientific, cultural, and intellectual radiation center that influentially Provides the community with technical students provided with pre-requisites of higher education in the specialty areas to meet the needs of the community, “the government sector and the private sector.”


The department’s message is to qualify technical staff that performs cadastral survey related to topographical terrain survey, ownership, engineering works required by the engineering schemes and drawing topographic and planning maps.

Thus, graduated staff is provided with technological knowledge and scientific skills mainly to keep pace with the evolution of scientific curriculum associated with acquired skills and experience due to the high quality of teaching plan that has been adopted and targeted by the technical education.


The department aims to graduate specialized technical staff, complying with the pre-requisites of technological teaching to carry out the cadastral survey on terrain and property, triangulation and Trilateration, levelling, preparing maps of a public survey, and mapping according to Iraqi and international networking patterns.

Graduate job description:

  1. The graduate can perform triangulation, Trilateration, and levelling for installing ground control points horizontally and vertically by using traditional and modern devices.

  2. The graduate can perform the terrain cadastral survey (topography) and cadastral properties for designs needed for engineering projects.

  3. To prepare the planar and terrain maps (topographic) that depend on the datum given by spatial-aerial images by using the available instruments or by using modern devices.

  4. Thematic mapping using Geographic Information System GIS.