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The Department of Electrical Techniques, which contains specialist branches (electric power and electrical networks) provided with the necessities of higher education, was founded to function as a significant scientific and intellectual hub that serves the community.


preparing a staff of electrical technicians with academic backgrounds and scientific abilities to supervise electrical machinery, energy generation processes, network operations, power transmission lines, and distribution.


preparing technically qualified staff in accordance with the demands of technological advancement and modernizing the department’s specialty in its two branches (electrical power and electrical networks).

Graduate Description

A graduate is qualified to:

– Implementing electrical and manufacturing facilities, maintaining equipment, and winding electric motor coils.

-assemble and run a variety of electrical devices

– organize electrical workshops

-arranging maintenance work, and monitoring and following up industrial production lines.


  • Laboratory of Electric Circuits & Measurements – 1st Year 

  • Laboratory of Electronic – 1st Year 

  • Laboratory of Digital Electronics – 1st Year 

  • Laboratory of Electrical Installation – 1st Year

  • Computer Laboratory – 1st Year 

  • Electrical Maintenance Workshop  – 1st Year 

  • Laboratory of Electrical Maintenance – 1st Year

  • Laboratory of Electrical & Engineering Drawing – 1st Year 

  • Laboratory of Electrical Machines –  2nd Year

  • Laboratory of Electronic Power – 2nd Year

  • Laboratories of Industrial Instillations – 2nd Year

  •  Laboratory of Electrical Machines – 2nd Year

  • Laboratory of Electrical Facilities – 2nd Year

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