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The department’s vision is to be a leader and innovator in modern water resource technologies, both in terms of education and scientific research, as well as in the application of these technologies and their management. The department aims to equip its graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary to contribute effectively to the management of water resources, including project planning, design, implementation and operation.


the department’s mission is to train and produce qualified technicians who can contribute to the development of water resources in the country. They also aim to provide scientific advice and technical services to help solve current water problems.

Graduate Descriptions

The department aims to graduate technical employees with expertise in water resources, including irrigation, drainage, and water operation. They also aim to:

  • Find ways to improve the efficiency of water resources to meet future water needs.

  • Train skilled technical personnel to do surveying tasks, such as measuring the amount of earthworks needed for irrigation and drainage projects.

  • Develop creative design and analysis skills for hydraulic systems, and identify potential engineering problems and find the best solutions before implementation using modern engineering tools.

  • Provide graduates with practical experience in managing and planning irrigation projects, calculating irrigation water requirements, carrying out projects, maintaining and operating drainage and irrigation projects, and setting up, running, and maintaining modern irrigation systems.