Department of Mechanical Power Techniques


The Department focuses on improving the educational process to advanced levels while keeping up with advancements in the refrigeration and air conditioning fields in accordance with the needs of the state, offering government institutions and the private sector scientific and practical advice, and providing them with specialized technical staff in this field.


The goal of the department is to create practical and scientific strategies for refrigeration and air conditioning that keep up with technological advancements. offering professors, workshops, laboratories, and supplies that assist in developing specialized staff and equipping them with the abilities required to meet the needs of the state.



preparing the technical staff, which acts as a bridge between specialists and skilled workers, to help supply the public and private sectors with capable middle-class cadres.


Graduate job description 

The graduate can:

  • Participate in the reading of mechanical and electrical maps for installation, operation, and maintenance needs.
  • Help with the setup and maintenance of the refrigeration and air conditioning systems.
  • Develop calculations and maps that are used in the preliminary and detailed engineering work for refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.
  • complete maintenance and repair tasks as well as the performance of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment on a daily basis.