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The Department’s primary goals are raising the standard of instruction, keeping up with technological developments in the refrigeration and air conditioning industries in response to state requirements, supplying the private sector and government institutions with qualified technical personnel in this field, and providing them with scientific and useful advice.


The mission of the Department is to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to comply with legal standards in the field of air conditioning and refrigeration, through the provision of instructors, workshops, labs, and equipment that are grounded in practicality and technically sound.


Educating the technical staff to help supply the public and private sectors with competent staff. The technical staff serves as a bridge between specialists and skilled workers.

Graduate job description 

The graduate can:

  • take part in reading mechanical and electrical maps for requirements related to installation, use, and maintenance.

  • assist with the setup and ongoing upkeep of the air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

  • create the calculations and maps needed for the initial and comprehensive engineering work on air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

  • complete maintenance and repair tasks as well as the performance of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment daily.