Department of Plant Production Technologies

The Medicinal Plants Branch was established in 2009 and the branch has achieved great progress in preparing technical cadres as a result of keeping pace with scientific development in the field of agricultural education and through study programs governed by academic standards in preparing graduates capable of competing in the labor market locally and regionally while advancing the role of the graduate in the field of development. Agricultural production as well as the development of the teaching staff through obtaining graduate certificates and continuing education courses.

The department aspires to be one of the scientific departments that serves the community in the field of the agricultural sector. And pharmaceutical manufacturing (herbal medicine)
the message
The department is committed to keeping pace with scientific development in the field of agricultural education and herbal medicine through study programs governed by academic and scientific standards to prepare graduates capable of improving agricultural production.
In light of the department’s vision and mission and the philosophy on which it is based, achieving the following goals: –
1- Providing the necessary human resources for the requirements of economic and social development plans.
2- Providing students with information, skills, and scientific and practical experiences that enable them to contribute to the development process.
3- Consolidating the principles of team spirit among students and preparing them for cooperative scientific life in the agricultural environment and herbal medicine.
4- Achieving the highest level of interaction between the department and productive scientific institutions whose tasks and objectives are integrated with the department’s tasks and objectives.
5- Contributing to training and qualification courses, continuing education and seminars at the institute.
6- The branch is interested in familiarizing college graduates with the types of medicinal plants and studying them in terms of classification, form, active ingredients, medicinal effects, and their synthesis within the plant, linking medicinal products to classified chemical compounds, as well as studying other natural sources of medicines.
7- The graduate is interested in knowing the importance of products derived from natural plants in the field of biomedicine, evaluating the active components of plants, using extraction methods and separating materials in a pure way using different types of modern technology and plant tissue culture, as well as medicinal and poisonous plants in Iraq.