Power Mechanic Technologies Department

The Power Mechanics Technologies Department was established in 1978/1988 and the department was named Machinery and Equipment Technologies There is only one branch, which is automotive technologies, and in the year 2010/2011, a new branch was created, which is generation technologies. Energy as a result of the country’s labor market’s need for this specialization to work in electrical power generation plants And of various kinds. Thus, the department consists of two technical branches. The department is considered one of the first scientific departments Which was established at the Hawija Technical Institute. The duration of study in the department is two calendar years Students who graduate from preparatory school (in its applied and biological sciences branches) for admission to the obstetrics techniques branch.

Energy, while the automotive technology branch receives graduates of preparatory school in its two branches (applied and biological). As well as students who graduate from vocational industry preparatory schools and of both genders. The department has made great progress in preparing Technical personnel as a result of keeping pace with scientific development in the field of technological education and through study programs It is governed by academic standards in preparing graduates capable of competing in the labor market locally and regionally with advancement In the role of the graduate in the field of developing maintenance and operation processes in power generation plants as well as in the field Inspecting and repairing cars of all kinds, as well as developing the teaching staff by sending them to study for the purpose Obtaining higher certificates, as well as participating in workshops, scientific seminars, and continuing education courses Held inside and outside our institute.