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‫ Research Link ‫ Journal Type ‫Year ‫ ‫ Research Name ‫ Researcher Name ‫id‏ blication/340177412_Enhanceme nt_of_SI_engines_performance_ operating_with_gasoline_fuel_us ing_high_octane_additives_from _waste_materials ‫scopus‏ 2020 Enhancement Of Si Engines Performance Operating With Gasoline Fuel Using High Octane Additives From Waste Materials Jassim I. Mussa 1 10.1088/1757-899X/1094/1/012059 ‫scopus‏ 2021 Natural Convection In A Square Cavity Filled With Saturated Porous Media And Partially From ‫Sarah Ibrahim Ezzat 2 cience/article/abs/pii/S221478532 0399120 ‫scopus‏ 2021 Hybrid Nanofluid To Improve Heat Transfer And Pressure Drop Through Horizontal Tube ‫Sarah Ibrahim Ezzat 3 blication/340177412_Enhanceme nt_of_SI_engines_performance_ operating_with_gasoline_fuel_us ing_high_octane_additives_from _waste_materials ‫scopus‏ 2020 Enhancement Of Si Engines Performance Operating With Gasoline Fuel Using High Octane Additives From Waste Materials ‫Essa Ahmed Essa‏ 4 blication/339031368_The_Impac t_of_Alumina_Nanoparticles_Su spended_in_Water_Flowing_in_ a_Flat_Solar_Collector ‫scopus‏ 2020 The Impact Of Alumina Nanoparticles Suspended In Water Flowing In A Flat Solar Collector ‫Qusai Kamel Jassem 5 blication/339073688_Improving_ thermal_performance_using_Al 2O3water_nanofluid_in_a_doub le_pipe_heat_exchanger_filling_ with_porous_medium ‫scopus‏ 2021 Improving Thermal Performance Using Al2o3/Water Nanofluid In A Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Filling With Porous Medium ‫Qusai Kamel Jassem 6 cience/article/pii/S2214157X2100 3798 ‫scopus‏ 2021 Evaluation Of Distilled Water Quality And Production Costs From A Modified Solar Still Integrated With An Outdoor Solar Water Heater ‫Obed M. Ali‏ 7 cience/article/abs/pii/S096014811 9300394 ‫scopus‏ 2021 Biodiesel Production From Waste Cooking Oil Using Homogeneous Catalyst ‫Obed M. Ali‏ 8 ‫Scopus‏ 2021 A Review Of The Effects Of Gasoline Detergent Additives On The Formation Of Combustion Chamber Deposits Of Gasoline Direct Injection Engines ‫Obed M. Ali‏ 9
https://www.praiseworthyprize.o rg/jsm/index.php?journal=ireco n&page=article&op=view&path %5B%5D=24872 ‫Scopus‏ 2021 Analysis Of Exergy And Energy Variation Of Gas Turbine Power Plant In Taza-Iraq ‫Obed M. Ali‏ 10 /abs/10.1080/15567036.2021.1924 318 ‫Scopus‏ 2021 Experimental Study And Economic Cost Analysis About Enhancement Productivity For A Conventional Solar Still Combined With Humidifiers Ultrasonic ‫Obed M. Ali‏ 11 318 ‫Scopus‏ 2021 Electrochemical Corrosion Resistance And In Vivo Bioactivity Of Nickel, Silver And Cobalt Nanoparticles Materials For Medical Applications ‫Obed M. Ali‏ 12 e/article/view/3869 ‫Scopus‏ 2021 Utilisation Of Chemical Waste Additives With Low Octane Commercial Gasoline Fuel To Enhance The Performance Of Si Engines ‫Obed M. Ali‏ 13 cience/article/abs/pii/S221478532 0400331 ‫Scopus‏ 2021 Comparative Study Of The Different Materials Combinations Used For Roof Insulation In Iraq ‫Obed M. Ali‏ 14 cience/article/abs/pii/S221478532 0399545 ‫Scopus‏ 2021 Experimental Analysis Of Thermal Performance For Flat Plate Solar Water Collector In The Climate Conditions Of Yekaterinburg, Russia ‫Obed M. Ali‏ 15 /abs/10.1080/15567036.2020.1842 561 ‫Scopus‏ 2021 Investigation Of The Coefficient Of Heat Transfer And Daily Cumulative Production In A Single-Slope Solar Distiller At Different Water Depths ‫Obed M. Ali‏ 16 ations/evaluation-of-the-productivity-for-new-design-single-slope-solar- ‫Scopus‏ 2020 Evaluation Of The Productivity For New Design Single Slope Solar Still At Different Saltwater Depth ‫Obed M. Ali‏ 17 blication/347363607_Experiment al_investigation_of_solar_distilla tion_system_integrated_with_ph otoelectric_diffusion-absorption_refrigerator_DAR ‫Scopus‏ 2020 Experimental Investigation Of Solar Distillation System Integrated With Photoelectric Diffusion-Absorption Refrigerator (Dar) ‫Obed M. Ali‏ 18 tions/effect-of-hollow-drum-rotational-speed-variation-on-the-productive ‫Scopus‏ 2020 Effect Of Hollow Drum Rotational Speed Variation On The Productivity Of Modified Solar Still According To Yekaterinburg City, Russia ‫Obed M. Ali‏ 19 cience/article/pii/S2214157X1930 4988 ‫Scopus‏ 2020 Experimental Investigation Of Modified Solar Still Integrated With Solar Collector ‫Obed M. Ali‏ 20 cience/article/abs/pii/S004896972 0308123 ‫Scopus‏ 2020 Particulate Emissions From Gasoline Direct Injection Engines: A Review Of How Current Emission Regulations Are Being Met By Automobile Manufacturers ‫Obed M. Ali‏ 21 blication/338746119_Overview_ of_polyoxymethylene_dimethyl_ ether_additive_as_an_eco-friendly_fuel_for_an_internal_c ombustion_engine_Current_app lication_and_environmental_im pacts ‫Scopus‏ 2020 Overview Of Polyoxymethylene Dimethyl Ether Additive As An Eco-Friendly Fuel For An Internal Combustion Engine: Current Application And Environmental Impacts ‫Obed M. Ali‏ 22 10.1088/1757-899X/791/1/012052 ‫Scopus‏ 2020 Productivity Of Enhanced Solar Still Under Various Environmental Conditions In Yekaterinburg City / Russia ‫Obed M. Ali‏ 23 le-abstract/2213/1/020032/889719/E nhancement-of-SI-engines-performance-operating?redirectedFrom=fullt ext ‫Scopus‏ 2020 Enhancement Of Si Engines Performance Operating With Gasoline Fuel Using High Octane Additives From Waste Materials ‫Obed M. Ali‏ 24 le-abstract/2213/1/020087/889805/ Comparison-of-local-gasoline-fuel-characteristics?redirectedFrom= PDF ‫Scopus‏ 2020 Comparison Of Local Gasoline Fuel Characteristics And Si Engine Performance With Commercial Fuel Additives ‫Obed M. Ali‏ 25 10.1088/1757-899X/745/1/012065 ‫Scopus‏ 2020 Enhancement Of Gasoline Fuel Quality With Commercial Additives To Improve Engine Performance ‫Obed M. Ali‏ 26 cience/article/pii/S2214157X1930 4988 ‫Scopus‏ 2020 Experimental Investigations Of Single-Slope Solar Still Integrated With A Hollow Rotating Cylinder ‫Obed M. Ali‏ 27 submit/index.php/arfmts/article/ view/3084 ‫Scopus‏ 2020 Cyclic Variation Analysis Of Palm Biodiesel Fuel In Low Compression Marine Diesel Engine ‫Obed M. Ali‏ 28 dne/paper/10.18280/ijdne.150108 ‫Scopus‏ 2020 Experimental Investigation Of Modified Solar Still Productivity Under Variable Climatic Conditions ‫Obed M. Ali‏ 29 cience/article/abs/pii/S221478531 9334224 ‫Scopus‏ 2020 Improvement Of Aisi 1018 Carbon Steel Gr 1018 Mechanical Properties By Liquid Carburizing In Salt Bath ‫Obed M. Ali‏ 30 7750/Simulation_of_Turbulent_ Heat_Transfer_Augmentation_ with_Hybrid_Nanofluid 2018 Simulation of Turbulent Heat Transfer Augmentation with Hybrid Nanofluid ‫جاسم إبراهيم‏ ‫موسى‏ 31
2018 Optimum Engine Performance With Waste Cooking Oil Biodiesel-Diesel Blended Fuel ‫جاسم إبراهيم‏ ‫موسى‏ 32 ‫Scopus‏ 2019 Wavelet analysis of the effect of injection strategies on cycle to cycle variation GDI optical engine under clean and fouled injector ‫Obed M. Ali‏ 33 cience/article/abs/pii/S001623611 9306477 ‫Scopus‏ 2019 Prediction of emissions and performance of a gasoline engine running with fusel oil – gasoline blends using response surface methodology ‫Obed M. Ali‏ 34 blication/336913674_A_Practical _Study_of_a_Rectangular_Basin _Solar_Distillation_with_Single_ Slope_Using_Paraffin_Wax_PC M_Cells ‫Scopus‏ 2019 A practical study of a rectangular basin solar distillation with single slope using paraffin wax (PCM) cells ‫Obed M. Ali‏ 35 blication/333700544_COD_remo val_from_disperse_blue_dye_79 _in_wastewater_by_using_Ozon e-Fenton_process ‫Scopus‏ 2019 COD removal from disperse blue dye 79 in wastewater by using Ozone-Fenton process ‫Obed M. 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Ali‏ 44 blication/330006268_Effect_of_S pot-Welding_Current-Cycle_for_Medium_Carbon_Ste el_And_Stainless_Steel_on_Mec hanical_Properties ‫Scopus‏ 2018 Effect of spot-welding current-cycle for medium carbon steel and stainless steel on mechanical properties ‫Obed M. Ali‏ 45 blication/329889980_Effect_of_ ‫Scopus‏ 2018 Effect of welding current on weldments properties in MIG and TIG ‫Obed M. Ali‏ 46 cience/article/abs/pii/S019689041 7306830 ‫Scopus‏ 2017 Response surface methodology (RSM) based multi-objective optimization of fusel oil -gasoline blends at different water content in SI engine ‫Obed M. Ali‏ 47 blication/323411782_Investigatio n_of_the_emission_characteristi cs_of_iso-butanol_additives_on_methanol-gasoline_blends_using_spark_ig nition_engine ‫Scopus‏ 2017 Investigation of the emission characteristics of iso-butanol additives on methanol-gasoline blends using spark ignition engine ‫Obed M. 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Ali‏ 57 blication/305358822_Recent_adv ances_in_the_application_and_c hallanges_of_methanol_fuels_in _spark_ignition_engine ‫Scopus‏ 2016 Investigation of blended palm biodiesel-diesel fuel properties with oxygenated additive ‫Obed M. Ali‏ 58 cience/article/abs/pii/S019689041 5010559 ‫Scopus‏ 2016 Analysis of blended fuel properties and cycle-to-cycle variation in a diesel engine with a diethyl ether additive ‫Obed M. Ali‏ 59 nf/abs/2016/01/matecconf_ses201 6_01002/matecconf_ses2016_010 02.html ‫Scopus‏ 2016 Optimum performance enhancing strategies of the gas turbine based on the effective temperatures ‫Obed M. Ali‏ 60 nf/abs/2016/01/matecconf_ses201 6_03002/matecconf_ses2016_030 02.html ‫Scopus‏ 2016 Effects of different chemical additives on biodiesel fuel properties and engine performance. A comparison review ‫Obed M. 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Yassin 66 10.1134/S0869864317040096 ‫International 2017 Heat transfer at a laminar free convection and separated flow past a rib in a vertical channel with isothermal walls Khalil F. Yassin‬‏ 67