Water Resources Technologies

Vision :

The department’s vision is to be a leader and pioneer in the field of modern water resources technologies at the level of education and scientific research and the use of those technologies and their management, by providing the graduate with the experiences that qualify him for effective participation in water resources management in terms of planning, design, implementation and operation of projects. Irrigation and drinking water purification and maintenance projects such as irrigation and drainage networks and hydraulic facilities such as dams. And maintenance of wastewater treatment projects .

the message :

The department’s mission is to provide the fields of work with distinguished technicians in the field of water resources engineering in order to serve development plans and contribute effectively to the implementation of engineering projects, provide scientific consultations, prepare economic feasibility studies, design irrigation and water purification projects, and publish solid research that supports the wheel of science and education, as well as providing Technical services and contribution to solving current problems, especially those related to the lack of water resources and the increase in salinity .

Objectives :

  • Graduating specialized technical staff in the field of water resources (irrigation, drainage, and water operation projects) .
  • Developing methods to improve the characteristics of water resources to meet future water needs .
  • Graduating qualified technical staff to carry out surveying work including surveying agricultural lands and calculating quantities of earthworks for irrigation and drainage projects .
  • Developing creative skills in designing and analyzing hydraulic facilities, identifying engineering problems expected to occur, and finding optimal solutions before implementation using modern engineering software .
  • Providing the graduate with practical skills in monitoring and organizing irrigation work, determining irrigation water needs, carrying out work , maintaining and operating irrigation and drainage projects, and installing, operating and maintaining modern irrigation systems .

department aims to graduate technical personnel qualified to operate water filtration and treatment projects, conduct periodic checks on raw and filtered water, and be able to extend and connect pipes to water distribution networks and wastewater collection systems .