Electrical Technologies Department 


The Electrical Technologies Department was established in 2008/2009 and includes the Power Branch. The department has achieved great progress in creating a research base for manufacturing laboratory equipment through student projects and scientific research by department teachers. There are more than four specialized laboratories containing devices and equipment to carry out practical experiments for students of the department and for both stages. In addition to an electrical, mechanical, and other workshop, to train students on the most important tasks they face in the post-study stage.



Preparing students theoretically and scientifically in electrical technologies to meet the labor market.



– Preparing students scientifically, practically, and technically to meet the requirements of the labor market, relying on an advanced curriculum and modern laboratory equipment.

– Keeping up with the scientific progress taking place in international institutes and colleges.

– Commitment to the ethics of the profession and the conditions and laws that apply to it.

– Striving to achieve leadership in providing services at a level that achieves quality standards


– Preparing intermediate staff with high technical skills in the field of specialization

– Training students in scientific research through graduation project research

– Preparing practical courses in the specialty for all segments of society


– Manufacturing specialized laboratory equipment and electrical equipment that serves the educational process.