Medical Laboratory Techniques Department

The department was established at the beginning of the 2014/2015 academic year. When it was established, a number of students were accepted centrally and a number of others were hosted. The focus was on developing and modernizing scientific curricula in line with the country’s needs for intermediate staff to support the various health institutions affiliated with the Ministry of Health.

Pattern and period of study

The teaching of the Medical Laboratory Technology Diploma curriculum extends over a period of two calendar years, which is equivalent to three academic years, and the student is required to complete summer training, which is one of the requirements for obtaining the technical diploma certificate.


The vision of the Medical Laboratory Technology Department is to establish specialized medical laboratories, open specialized courses in pathological analysis specializations, and host specialists in medical laboratory technology from the country’s well-established universities. This is to raise the academic level of the institute’s graduates and place the institute among the ranks of prestigious institutes.


The Department of Medical Laboratory Technology seeks to choose the best modern scientific methods in delivering useful information and keeping pace with modern scientific developments to students through a distinguished academic staff of teaching staff, as well as providing students with scientific expertise through practical training in the institute’s laboratories.


The department aims to prepare specialized (intermediate) technical staff to serve various medical specialties, and to contribute to the development of society by working in medical laboratories and developing health services in cooperation with relevant institutions and others by contributing to the preparation and implementation of health programs and plans, benefiting from the expertise of specialists and providing the necessary equipment. To improve the quality of health services. Encouraging medical and health research in the fields of medical laboratory technology and other medical specialties, and supporting hospitals and health centers with medical staff specialized in pathological analyses, in addition to filling the needs of health institutions, official hospitals, and private medical laboratory technology laboratories, given the importance of these staff due to the expertise they possess and being the eye that When the person diagnosing the disease considers it, he must scrutinize every joint of their preparation.

Graduate job description

01 Performs laboratory work related to the isolation and diagnosis of germs present in clinical samples
02 Prepares and sterilizes all agricultural environments and examines food contaminated with germs
03 He performs all blood analyzes and tests
04 He performs urine and discharge tests and various body fluids (knee fluids / spinal fluids / sputum / semen)
05 He prepares tissue slides for various organs of the body and prepares them for examination
06 Prepares all laboratory solutions
07 Operates and maintains all medical laboratory equipment used in pathological analysis laboratories
08 Works on laboratory inquiries, which include receiving forms, the blood drawing process, directing the patient, and delivering the results, as well as carrying out warehouse work for medical laboratory stores.