Scientific plan

No.DepartmentProgram titleDateInstructor’s nameNo. of participantsSpecialization 
1Medical LaboratoryDrug addiction: its causes, effects and treatment1/29/2024 Hamza Omar50general 
2Materials managementGlobal warming and climate changes on the global economy5/2/2024Dr. Abdullah Zidane25Economy 
3Office management Hyperbole and its manifestations in the Arabic language12/2/2024 Dr. Hussein Khalaf50language 
How to shift towards electronic management? And why?4/15/2024Murad Musa50Economy 
4Electrical techniques Transistors2/19/2024Parween Rahim 20Engineering 
5Electronic technologiesTypes of electrical cables and how to choose them4/22/2024 Hosnia Jassim20Engineering 
Sensors in transportation methods2/26/2024Dr. Hassan Abdel Salam20Engineering 
The effect of dust on solar cells3/25/2024Yarub Alias20Engineering 
6Mechanical techniquesCarbon coal production4/3/2024 Noah Muhammad,
Ali Muhammad
7Power mechanicsRapid developments in increasing the efficiency of solar panels11/3/2024Majed Ahmed
Issa Ahmed
8Plant productionMedically important single-celled organisms3/18/2024Fadilah Salman20medical 
Pesticides, their benefits and harms4/29/2024 Dr. Qutaiba Saleh20agricultural 
9Water ResourcesOperating and maintaining gravity-operated rapid sand filters3/25/2024 Rawdan Abdullah20Engineering 
 Types of structural systems for building construction4/22/2024Hussein Mohamed25Engineering 
The water crisis in Iraq – causes and proposed solutions1/15/2024Tahrir Ahmed20Engineering 
10 Optometry Tech.Drugs and their impact on society1/4/2024Luqman Hussein25general 
Methods of installing artificial eyes6/5/2024 Shahad Fadel25medical 
 Identify the devices used in vision examination and how to use them1/21/2024 Muhammad Abdullah25medical 
11medical equipments maintenanceScopus AI8/4/2024 Qutaiba Khalaf20Engineering 
Modern technologies in medical devices1/22/2024 Qutaiba Khalaf25medical 
Training courses      
No.DepartmentProgram titleDateInstructor’s nameNo. of participantsSpecialization 
1Renewable Energy Research UnitHeating and cooling loads for buildings4-8/2/2024Ahmed Hassan Ahmed50Engineering 
Dr. Omar Khalil Ahmed 
Dr. Khalil Farhan Yassin 
 Use a programOrigin pro In graphs3-7/3/2024Dr. Khalil Farhan Yassin50Engineering 
Ahmed Hassan Ahmed 
The effect of some variables, such as temperature, pressure, and flow, on the adsorption of air pollutants14-18/4/2024Noah Muhammad Saleh25Engineering 
Ali Muhammad Saleh 
Choosing the necessary tests to select a highly efficient material with abundant free ionic radicals and physical and chemical adsorption.5-9/5/2024Noah Muhammad Saleh25Engineering 
Ali Muhammad Saleh 
Installation and maintenance of solar cells15-19/9/2024Ahmed Hassan Ahmed50Engineering 
Dr. Omar Khalil Ahmed 
Dr. Khalil Farhan Yassin 
Wind energy between reality and ambition6-10/10/2024Ahmed Hassan Ahmed50Engineering 
Dr. Omar Khalil Ahmed 
Dr. Khalil Farhan Yassin 
No.DepartmentProgram titleDateInstructor’s nameNo. of participantsSpecialization 
1Medical LaboratoryHow to write a research paper summary2/22/2024Dr. Muna Jalal25general 
2Materials managementDealing with challenges and difficulties at work1/28/2024 Dr. Abdullah Zidane25Administrative 
3Office managementDissolution of marriage through electronic divorce8/2/2024Dr. Attia Suleiman25Administrative 
4Electrical techniquesBasics of the Arduino integrated development environment2/15/2024 Amer Ahmed Abd25electricity 
5Electronic technologies5G networks1/2/2024Hosnia Jassim Abdullah20Engineering 
6Mechanical techniquesVisual inspection4/4/2024 Noah Muhammad,
Ali Muhammad
Checking car faults using a fault checking device3/14/2024 Noah Muhammad,
Ali Muhammad
The effect of heat and pollutants resulting from automobile engine exhaust on the environment2/5/2024 Fattah Hamad Hassan25Engineering 
7Power mechanicsWriting a CV4/25/2024 Majid Ahmed25Engineering 
 Jassim Ibrahim 
8Plant productionImportant medicinal plants used in the manufacture of medicines2/29/2024Fadilah Salman30Agricultural/medical 
Medically important helminths7/3/2024Fadilah Salman30medical 
9Water ResourcesGypsum soil problems11/17/2024Asil Mahmoud Hamad15Engineering 
10 Optometry Tech.Gallstones, their causes, complications, and treatment methods9/30/2024Luqman Hussein25medical 
Acute appendicitis, diagnostic methods and optimal treatment3/3/2024Luqman Hussein25medical 
Materials used in maxillofacial prosthetics3/10/2024  Shahad Fadel25medical 
11medical equipments maintenanceBlood pressure measuring devices/types and advantages11/28/2024Dr. Munif Abdullah25medical 
The operation of medical devices and how to use them correctly11/4/2024 Qutaiba Khalaf25medical