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It is one of the formations of the Northern Technical University, and one of the first technical institutes that was established in the Technical Education Authority in 1979 under the name of the Agricultural Technical Institute of Hawija, which belongs to the Technical Institutes Foundation. The institute was founded in 1980 under the name of the Agricultural Institute of Hawija, with four agricultural departments until the year (1985), when the Office Management Department was transferred to it. From the Kirkuk Technical Institute, it aims to graduate intermediate technical personnel qualified to work in state institutions and the private sector in engineering, administrative, and agricultural specializations. In 1988, the technological departments were opened, and after 2002, the name of the institute was changed to the Hawija Technical Institute, which belongs to the Technical Education Authority. The institute is located in the southwest. For the city of Kirkuk in the Hawija District. In 2014, after the division of the Technical Education Authority into four technical universities, the institute became subordinate to the Northern Technical University. During the siege phase, the Institute had a pioneering role, as the Technical Institutes Foundation sought to find ways to enhance the capabilities of its members by implementing projects for institutions and departments, and implemented several projects, including: the towers project for the General Telecommunications Company, the project for implementing cooling boilers for the Northern Electricity Company, and contracts for the benefit of Military Industrialization. The institute continues to play an active and bright role in pioneering advanced scientific institutions in Kirkuk Governorate and Hawija District.

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Creating a technical educational system My creativity is built. Based on market needs, focused on local needs, and bears responsibility for covering the needs of local employers and serving the changing (dynamic) needs of the market.


Providing high-quality technical education that makes the targeted return from the education process more efficient and distinct, expanding its base – quantitatively and qualitatively, laying the foundations for sustainable human development and professional ethics, and responding quickly to changing needs by keeping pace with scientific and technical developments, external benefit, adopting education for the market, and ensuring the quality of the targeted return is confirmed. From the education process.


1-Graduation of intermediate technical staff specialized in secretarial and materials management, maintenance of machines and equipment, lathing and plumbing, operation of water projects, irrigation and agricultural techniques, and pathological analyses. And vision examination 
2- Providing graduates with information, systems and applied methods, each according to his specialty
3-Contributing to scientific conferences and seminars.
4-Organizing training courses for employees of state departments and segments the society.
5-Contributing to the development of the region by providing scientific consultations in the agricultural, industrial, administrative and medical fields.


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