Material Management Department

The department was established in 1991 – 1992 under the name (Department of Warehouse Management). The department accepts graduates of preparatory school in its scientific and literary branches, in addition to graduates of preparatory commerce. The scientific curricula taught in the department were developed. In the year (2006 – 2007) the name of the department was changed to the Department Materials management techniques instead of warehouse management. The department holds many values, including the quality of the educational and training process, scientific honesty, trust and credibility, supporting creativity and innovation for teachers and students, increasing and developing knowledge by keeping up with scientific and technical developments, adhering to professional ethics and university conduct, and embodying the societal culture of the department’s graduates.


Quality in technical education and leadership and excellence in warehouse operations techniques and materials management to meet work requirements in service and industrial organizations to develop the national economy.


Qualifying and training human cadres scientifically, professionally and technically to work in service, community and production projects in the field of techniques for managing, planning and organizing material control operations in accordance with quality standards.


1. Preparing and preparing efficient technical human resources capable of meeting the requirements of the labor market in warehousing operations
2. Harmonizing the department’s outputs with the needs of the work environment and in a way that is compatible with modern technical developments
3. Enhancing human capital by supporting creativity and innovation and striving to generate knowledge and accumulate experience to excel in performance and achieve goals.

Core Values 

  • Quality and Excellence: The department is committed to striving for performance by applying high-level standards with the aim of achieving great ambitions, and striving towards excellence by adhering to the highest intellectual standards in teaching, learning and innovation within the standards of institutional and academic accreditation.
  • Leadership and teamwork: The department is firmly committed to strengthening individual and institutional leadership roles that ensure the distribution of tasks and duties according to specialization, with its deep belief in creativity and teamwork.
  • Academic Freedom: Striving and emphasizing that the task assigned to the teaching staff is fulfilled through the application of academic accreditation standards and appears clearly in the aspects of the scientific and academic activities of the department.
  • Justice and Integrity: Achieving justice in dealing with all members through honesty and mutual trust between them and the administration, as well as with all relevant parties, with the highest levels of honesty, respect and professional ethics.
  • Transparency and openness to society: interaction, openness, and clarity in presenting the applied aspects to society and the labor market to measure the amount of its contribution to development, and all members of the department are committed to respecting the values in all scientific and academic activities.
  • Continuous learning: The department is committed to supporting continuous learning for members of the department and outside it, and promoting continuous intellectual growth and sustainable community well-being. The department believes in the principle of a productive institute and contributes to activities that are within the directions of the department’s people and the available capabilities in order to enhance financial and human resources.