We aim to equip our students with the knowledge and skills to succeed in their chosen career in a competitive market.

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Northern Technical 
U  n  i  v  e  r s i t  y 

Achieving success is one of my ultimate priorities, as I’m passionate about my job and creating the best management. I have a constant source of motivation to do my best, which is my love to work. This passion leads me to challenge myself and learn new skills, which supports me in fulfilling my dreams of staying ahead. I’ve taught myself to use youth energy and current skills to challenge and overcome obstacles and produce results in scientific management.


Bridging the gap between the traditional scientific curricula and the modern scientific curricula in order to create a reality that achieves all future aspirations and to create an applied scientific and research environment that achieves concepts and objectives of ((the productive university)) and the scope outside the walls of the university campus for openness and fruitful interaction with the fields of work.

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Northern Technical Un​iversity

The principle of cooperation between Iraqi institutions and openness to society

Our university is interested in scientific cooperation between state institutions and internal and external openness to the world

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