Medical Equipment Maintenance Technology

The Northern Technical University has achieved a long history in preparing technical cadres in various specializations, and it is considered the primary source in supplying state departments in the various governorates with these cadres, as the presence of its institutions is not limited to a specific governorate, and the university has intended to increase its effective role in this regard by creating a number of departments in Its various scientific institutions. Hawija district is considered one of the largest districts in Iraq, with a population of 350,000 people, and the number of primary schools is about 200 and about 16 middle schools. Hundreds of students graduate annually, and it is known that the specialty of medical devices is one of the specialties required in health institutions and the private sector. The Technical Institute is an institution affiliated with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the Hawija district. It contains many technological and administrative departments that meet most of the needs of the labor market. Since the vocational preparatory school in the district contains a medical devices department, this department will meet the student’s need and enhance the labor market. With a specialized staff of medical device technicians.


The work of a medical device technology graduate is a technician who works to maintain medical devices in hospitals and medical centers.


Preparing a technical staff specialized in maintaining and operating medical devices, with the ability to plan to solve problems and emergency technical matters.


There is no problem in medical institutions and centers with staff specialized in medical device maintenance and management techniques.


To educate and train a technical staff with the ability to detect and repair errors in the electrical and mechanical components of devices and equipment related to medical matters that are controlled electronically.