Northern Technical University organizes a workshop on how to log in: google meet and google form.
Northern Technical University organizes an electronic workshop entitled: (Kinetic energy of water)
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Northern Technical University organizes a workshop entitled: Bio-fuels and what makes it important as a renewable energy source. Al_Duor organized a workshop entitled

(Bio-fuels and what makes it important as an energy source) and in continuation of the implementation of the sustainability program that done by the university presidency, where Dr. Ahmed Moussa Khalaf, the lecturer in the above mentioned department gave a lecture and at Al-Khwarizmi Hall in the Institute, and the head of the department and the employees of the Quality Assurance and Performance Department have attended electronically at the University Presidency, as well as a group of university and other Iraqi universities.
The workshop aimed to :
Introducing the most important renewable energy sources, and how to get benefit from them, the importance of biofuels and modern methods of producing them, as well as clarifying the points of difference between regular fuels and biofuels, and identifying the chemical advantages of biofuels.

The workshop showed: – The importance of researchers entering the field of research in the field of renewable energy with the need to search for very catalytic materials that contributes in the formation of biofuels, as well as encouraging society to move towards sustainable and eco_friendly energy sources.

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