Residential complexes

of the Northern Technical University

The university provides dormitories for female students inside the campus with a total capacity of 1297 students in which furnished rooms are provided with all required equipment and services such as internet, cleaning, maintenance, fuel, and electricity.

As for the male students, our university provides dormitories outside the campus with a total capacity of 1530 students and provides all appropriate and necessary requirements inside the dormitory in addition to that it coordinates with the General Company of Transporting Delegations and Passengers to facilitate the transporting of students from the dormitory to the campus and vice versa.

The university collects 30, 000 thirty thousand dinars as a dormitory fee from the student for each academic year, and all of the above-mentioned is distributed over three governates (Nineveh, Salaheddin, Kirkuk)

Below are the names and the number of dormitories that are managed by Technical University College / Dormitory Affairs Dept. and their total capacity.