The President of the Northern Technical University attends part of the discussion of the diploma thesis, which discusses “the possibility of improving the resistance to biological corrosion”
The Mosul Technical Institute holds a scientific symposium on the Coronavirus, a historical view, its types, prevention
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The President of the Northern Technical University meets the Committee for the Development of Cyber Security

As part of her periodic work plan, the university president met with the team charged with following up on the project to develop a cybersecurity study at the university in cooperation with the American organization IREX. Many related topics were discussed, such as defining spaces for the department and the mechanism of defining curricula appropriate for the development taking place in this field at the global level. Her Excellency stressed the need to intensify efforts to conduct awareness-raising workshops and courses in the field of cyber security targeting all university employees and students to raise awareness in this field due to its high importance.

After the meeting, the president of the university praised the great efforts made by the team members in making this project a success.

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