The President of the Northern Technical University launches the activities of the Digital Day

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The President of the Northern Technical University launches the activities of the Digital Day

For the digital revolution, which has become an inseparable reality, through the introduction of technology and digitization into all areas of the university, and believing in the urgent need for this revolution that contributes to the scientific advancement of the university and through which it catches up with international universities, the President of the Northern Technical University, Prof. Alia Abbas Ali Al-Attar, in the presence of the assistant president of the university for administrative and scientific affairs, and the dean of the Mosul Technical Institute, the activities of the digital day organized by the Computer Center at the university presidency with the aim of changing the reality and making it in line with recent developments.

The President of the University gave a speech in which he stated: This revolution has a clear impact on our society in general, and our university in particular, as we witness today the launch of the digital day for our university and what it has achieved in this field, which reduced many administrative, financial and other obstacles to applications and software systems in various high-level programming languages ​​that were designed and implemented This resulted in university service programs in various fields.

The events began with the playing of the Iraqi national anthem, and then the university’s anthem and a speech delivered by the Director of the Electronic Calculator Center, Dr. Farqad Hamid Abdel Rahim, on this occasion, followed by lectures on the digital transformation map at the Northern Technical University and the use of cloud computing in data analysis Advances in Digitalizing Data as well as.

The lecture was delivered by:

  • Dr. Raed Rafe Omar / Assistant Professor
  • Mustafa Neama Younes/Assistant Teacher
  • Mustafa Nazir Mustafa / employer
  • Dr. Mohamed Mostafa Siddiq/Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Hussein Nazim Fadel / teacher
  • Dr. Younes Anas Al-Razzo / teacher
  • Dr. Rana Helmy / teacher

At the end of the activities, the President of the Northern Technical University launched the university’s new website, presented by Mr. Nour Nabil Hazem, the official of the website’s division, and the official of the Software Division, Mr. Osama Abdel Karim Qassem, also presented the applied programs implemented by the division, which contributed greatly to facilitating the work of some of the departments of the Presidency the University.

At the conclusion of the work of the digital day, the president of the university commended the great efforts of the director and owners of the electronic calculator center, wishing them success.

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