Mrs. President of Northern Technical University attended a workshop titled “Bologna Path and the Experience of Northern Technical University in its Implementation.”
The Council of Northern Technical University holds its ninth session for the academic year 2022-2023 for the morning and evening studies at the premises of Mosul Technical Administration College.
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The Northern Technical University participates in a workshop on the TAWASOL project, funded by the Canadian government, aiming to enhance economic empowerment and create comprehensive employment opportunities for graduates.

In line with the vision and mission of the Northern Technical University to enhance cooperation with the private sector and provide employment opportunities for graduates, and under the guidance of Professor Dr. Aliaa Abbas Ali Al-Atar, the President of the Northern Technical University, and under the supervision of Assistant Professor Dr. Omar Rafee Mahmoud, the Assistant President for Scientific Affairs, the university, represented by Dr. Abdullah Qutaiba Shanshal, Head of the Rehabilitation, Employment, and Follow-up Department, and Mr. Bahaa Wad Al-Hayali from the Department of Structures and Projects, participated in a workshop introducing the TAWASOL project, funded by the Canadian government. The workshop aimed to:

Enhance economic empowerment and create employment opportunities for graduates of technical universities.
Enhance the efficiency of graduates and develop their skills.
Discuss the challenges and opportunities available for technical universities, considering their important role in developing educational programs and services for students and graduates.
These workshops provide a valuable opportunity to enhance communication and sustainable cooperation with universities and the private sector in various fields of specialization. They also work towards enhancing economic empowerment by providing employment opportunities that align with the aspirations and scientific and technical specializations of graduates, thus contributing to reducing unemployment rates in society.

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