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The Northern Technical University participate in the Youth Leadership Forum in Kirkuk Governorate.

As her Excellency has always accustomed us to, she highlights the role of our university in all local and international forums, with a remarkable presence that is highly recognized. The esteemed university president, Professor Dr. Aliaa Abbas Ali Al-Attar, took care of the Youth Leadership Forum organized by our university, the International Leadership and Development Academy, the Kirkuk Governorate Council, and the Ministry of Culture and Antiquities. The event was attended by His Excellency the Minister of Tourism, Culture, and Antiquities, Dr. Ahmed Al-Fakkak, the Governor of Kirkuk, Rakan Saeed Al-Jubouri, and the Commander of the Joint Operations Advanced Headquarters, Lieutenant General Jabbar Naama Al-Taie, along with the President of the Northern Technical University, Dr. Hassan Kareem Abdul Rahman, the Director of the Cybersecurity Academy at the university, and the presence of the President of the Kirkuk Chamber of Commerce, the President of the Kirkuk Industries Union, the Director of the Shiite Endowment, and a number of department directors, representatives of international and local organizations, as well as elites and personalities in Kirkuk, and a large gathering of youth leaders from cities across Iraq.

The university played a prominent role in sponsoring and supporting the Youth Leadership Forum by hosting more than 150 participants from various Iraqi provinces, providing them with suitable accommodation in the university’s dormitories, in addition to opening the university’s guesthouse in Kirkuk to accommodate and house the trainers during the forum days. This enhances our university’s active role in the success of the forum and supporting the youth segment. During the forum’s activities, a speech was delivered by the President of the Northern Technical University, on behalf of her Excellency, Dr. Hassan Kareem Abdul Rahman. In her speech, she emphasized the university’s role in the development and support of youth, and the significant expansion witnessed by our university through successful planning and implementation. The university president highlighted the university’s development by introducing several scientific departments to provide specialties that align with the job market, as well as vertical expansion through the establishment of postgraduate studies in most of the university’s colleges, including master’s and doctoral programs. Concluding her speech, the university president emphasized the importance of the youth’s role in nation-building and the necessity of supporting them and providing suitable employment opportunities for graduates. Finally, His Excellency the Minister of Culture and Antiquities and the Governor of Kirkuk praised the prominent role of the Northern Technical University, represented by its president, in providing accommodation for over 150 participants in the forum.

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