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Technical College of Mosul

These new technical colleges offer 4-year Bachelor’s degree programs (BA and BSc) and 2-year Master’s degree programs. Each of these colleges has several areas of specialization. For example, the Technical College of Mosul has five engineering departments. The Dept. of Computer Techniques and Engineering at the college is one of them and it awards the Degree of Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng) in Computer Technology. The main difference between courses taught at traditional universities and the new technical colleges is that the former are more theoretical, whereas the latter are less theoretical and more applied.

Technical Engineering College of Kirkuk

The Technical College in Kirkuk was established in the year 1998-1999. Although it is recent, it is old in its performance and follows in its educational methods the rest of the universities, deriving their curricula and plans from technical colleges in the world. For the academic year 2019-2020, the Technical College hosted 1200 male and female students for morning studies and 600 students for evening studies. The college currently includes eight scientific departments, six of which are engineering and two medical, as follows. 1- Fuel and Energy Technologies Engineering Department. 2- Computer Technology Engineering Department. 3- Department of Electronics and Control Technologies Engineering. 4- Department of Surveying Techniques Engineering. 5- Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technologies Engineering Department. 6- Department of Environmental and Pollution Technologies Engineering 7- Department of Medical Laboratory Techniques. 8- Department of Therapeutic Nutrition Techniques. The College of Technology also includes two branches for postgraduate studies (Master's) - a Master's degree in Microbiology, which includes 14 male and female students. Master's degree in Thermography, which includes 15 male and female students.

Technical Administrative College of Mosul

The Technical Administrative College of Mosul was established in 2007. It includes two scientific departments, the Operations Management Techniques Department, which was later renamed 2016/2017 to the Business Administration Techniques Department. * Department of electronic management techniques. * Creation of a Department of Statistics and Informatics Techniques. The number of students ranged from 2007 to 2020, approximately 1,600 students. The evening study was opened in the Department of Business Administration Techniques for the academic year 2018-2019, and the postgraduate studies opened in the Department of Business Administration Techniques for the academic year 2019-2020. Opening evening studies in the Department of Electronic Management Techniques for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Agricultural Technical College - Mosul

The Agricultural Technical College - Mosul was established in 2011 and is one of the formations of the Northern Technical University and includes three departments: - Animal Production Techniques Department - Plant Production Techniques Department - Desertification Control Techniques Department. The agricultural professional is awarded a bachelor’s degree, M., an agricultural technical engineer, as well as a master’s degree for the two departments of animal production + vegetable production techniques ******** The total number of students for the morning study 116 and the evening study 35 2019-2020

Technical Institute / Mosul

The Technical Institute / Mosul is one of the scientific edifices of technical education in Iraq, which is linked to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The Institute began its scientific and educational career in the field of technical education since 1976 AD to be the first technical institute in the northern region of Iraq to include the technological department in the branches of mechanics and electricity, and the administrative department in the two branches of accounting and office management. Now, after a long and distinguished career that was characterized by creativity and giving, the institute includes most of the technical, medical, agricultural and administrative disciplines of technical education. The Technical Institute / Mosul is located on the left coast of the city / the cultural group, near Ibn Al-Atheer Hospital for Children and adjacent to the University of Mosul. Since its establishment, it aims to prepare scientific technical cadres to support state institutions and the private sector, after a study of two calendar years, in which the percentage of education and practical training is about (60%), in addition to summer training in state departments, laboratories and the private sector, and this training is one of the requirements to complete the study. . Graduates of the institute are awarded a technical diploma. The first graduates are entitled to complete their studies in colleges and universities in the country and in all disciplines corresponding to their studies. The Technical Institute / Mosul includes (21) scientific departments with laboratories and specialized fields to train students, who number about (4000) male and female students. It also includes scientific, administrative and cultural units, a student housing complex, sports fields, an Internet center, and a library containing 10,000 titles in all disciplines. The Institute has made wide contributions in the field of openness to society, providing its services to the governorate and intertwining its various technical aspects with various departments in different fields. As well as adopting a main axis for the opening of several institutes in the northern region and providing them with the necessary cadres, expertise and supplies. There is an office for scientific and advisory services that provides its services to the community and state departments in the governorate and in all fields such as engineering, agricultural, medical, administrative and information fields.

Technical Institute of Kirkuk was established in 1976, and it currently includes 17 scientific departments in engineering, administrative, medical, applied and agricultural arts. The institute includes 100 teachers, 368 technicians, 35 administrators, 69 classrooms, 49 scientific laboratories, 16 computer laboratories, 5 ceremonies, 18 workshops, indoor departments 1 for males and 1 for females, an indoor sports hall, a football field, 4 courts for basketball, volleyball and tennis. (3736) students for morning studies and (736) students for evening studies.
Ninavah Technical Institute

Ninavah Technical Institute is one of the scientific institutions affiliated with the Northern Technical University / Technical Education Authority. It was established in the year 1993-1994. The Institute accepts graduates of the preparatory study, the scientific, literary and commercial branches, and the duration of the study is (two calendar years) and includes practical training in factories and various state departments. The graduate is awarded a technical diploma in the field Jurisdiction. The goals of the institute are to prepare specialized technical staff who are qualified, scientifically and practically, in line with the requirements of administrative, financial and informational development, capable of dealing with the requirements of modern technologies and the work environment to serve the community. Keeping abreast of scientific and technical developments by linking the curricula with the productive and service sectors in society to meet the needs of the labor market, conduct scientific research and exchange information experiences with technical institutes and universities. Providing consultations and scientific and training expertise to the formal and informal segments of society to raise the level of practicing the profession and develop teamwork through the Office of Scientific and Advisory Services at the Institute. The system of study and admission: The institute adopts the annual system of teaching, in which the academic year is (30) weeks in addition to (8) weeks of practical teaching in the production and service companies in the field of specialization. The institute accepts graduates of the preparatory study, the scientific and literary branch, and for the professional study the commercial branch and the tourism branch. Vision: To find a creative technical education system that meets the highest needs of the market, focuses on the needs of the field of work and serves the changing needs of the market. Mission: Providing high-quality technical education that makes the target return in the education process more efficient, distinct, quantitatively and qualitatively in line with scientific-technical development and the adoption of education for the market, quality and return. Awarded Certificate: The Institute awards a technical diploma according to the specializations in its scientific departments. Fields of work and privileges for graduates: Graduates of the scientific departments of the Institute work in all departments and institutions of the state and the private sector in administrative, financial, banking and systems analysis and information. The first (5%) accepts the scientific departments of the Institute in Iraqi universities in the faculties corresponding to their specialization. Departments of the Institute: The Department of Accounting Techniques was established in 1993. The Department of Financial and Banking Techniques was established in 1994. The Department of Legal Management Techniques was established in 1995. The Department of Tourism and Hotel Management Techniques was established in 1998. Department of Computer Systems Technologies was established in 2001.

Ninavah Technical Institute

Hawija Technical Institute is located within the center of Hawija district, about 70 km southwest of the city of Kirkuk. The Hawija Technical Institute is one of the formations of the Northern Technical University and one of the first technical institutes established in the Technical Education Authority in 1979.

The Technical Institute / Al-Dur

The Technical Institute / Al-Dur was established in 1988, and it is one of the Iraqi technical institutes affiliated at the time to the Technical Education Authority / the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. 1989 . It included four scientific departments, which are the Department of Accounting, the Department of Electronics, and the Department of Mechanics. As well as the Department of Pharmaceutical Industries, which had a rotating education system and in coordination with the Samarra Pharmaceutical Factory for the purpose of supervising the factory on practical and methodological training for the students of the department, and then supplying the factory with the department’s graduates. The department was changed to pharmacy and in 2003 the alternating education system was changed to continuing education, and in 1995 the pathological analysis department was created. It is considered one of the important tributaries in preparing technical, medical and administrative cadres in Salah al-Din and other governorates, where it grants a technical diploma in the disciplines of pharmacy, pathological analyzes, electronics, mechanics and accounting, which has recently been renamed the Department of Electronic Technologies and the Department of Mechanical Technologies for the technical department and the Accounting Techniques Department, which represents the department The administrative department is one of the institute’s departments. When the four technical universities were established, the institute became one of the formations of the Northern Technical University. Each department has modern and advanced laboratories and specialized workshops in addition to the computer and internet center. Starting from the 2009-2010 school year, the evening study was repeated in the institute, and the institute currently accommodates more than 3000 students for the morning and evening studies. The rehabilitation and development process is still ongoing. Vision: To be a leading and innovative technical institute in providing high quality educational programs and services, in a highly competitive global scientific environment. . Mission: To provide high-quality technical education that makes the target return from the education process more efficient and distinguished by developing technical capabilities, critical thinking and brainstorming skills, social and personal skills, and an assessment of working continuously in a changing scientific environment. Goals: • Commitment to quality and excellence. • Adapting to the changing needs of students and continuing to offer curricula and study materials focusing on education for employment. • Preparing scientific and technical staff that deals with modern technologies and in a manner that is compatible with the changes taking place in the field of work. • Achieving international standards in technical education. • Promoting excellence in teaching and learning by creating an educational environment. • Providing and maintaining technical equipment and services as necessary to support a creative educational environment and keep pace with developments • - Continuously evaluate the effectiveness of the Institute for the purpose of development in the Institute. • Providing curricula and study materials that provide students with the opportunity to continuously develop their capabilities. • Ensuring wider student participation in various activities. • Establishing positive relations with the various concerned parties outside the Institute. • Establishing distinguished relations with other colleges and technical institutes in order to exchange the experience gained. • Adopting quality in all future plans. • Developing the teaching staff by engaging them in courses inside and outside Iraq and urging scientific research and curriculum development. • Encouraging lifelong learning. • Work to develop the preparation and efficiency of the teaching, technical and administrative staff with the expansion of the Institute's departments and facilities and the preparation of its students. Core Values: A university professor is a supreme value and a national treasure. The student is the center of the learning process. Development is an inevitable and continuous condition. Creativity, innovation and creative thinking are the basis of success. Teamwork in a team spirit. The educational environment that is stable and encouraging for performance supports the achievement of goals. Rehabilitation is a scientific necessity. Faith, integrity, integrity and transparency in scientific and educational performance. . Scientific research is one of the pillars of development.

The College of Health and Medical Techniques

The college established in 2020

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The President of Northern Technical University, Professor Dr. Alia Abbas Ali Al-Attar, honors the university presidents who participate in the university’s tenth founding day with a symbolic gift.

The President of Northern Technical University, Professor Dr. Alia Abbas Ali Al-Attar, honors the university presidents who participate in the university’s tenth founding day with a […]



The President of Northern Technical University, Professor Dr. Alia Abbas Ali Al-Attar, honors the university presidents who participate in the university’s tenth founding day with a symbolic gift.

The President of Northern Technical University, Professor Dr. Alia Abbas Ali Al-Attar, honors the university presidents who participate in the university’s tenth founding day with a […]

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