Program Aim: 

The department aims to specialized technical cadres are able to use the modern techniques, computer applications in the field of office-management, means of communications, correspondences, so that they can achieve office works in different foundations; these cadres are able to do the following:


1- Preparing office works, managing the works, and regulate the work-line in different administrative units.

2- They have to organize the special meetings of administrations with the inside and outside parties.

3- Do secretary work, special and general, including regulating interviews, meetings, answering phone calls, and mail arranging.

4- Use the modern mechanism in both managerial work and office work, such as using the calculating machine, developed paper copiers and photocopiers as well as the computers.

5- Develop and streamline office procedures in using modern techniques.

6- Practicing jobs and works of the administration and personnel- office, and editing all administrative orders belong to personnel’s.

7- Reply coming mails, doing correspondences, and prepare the administrative reports.