1. Graduating qualified personnel to carry out the work of the field surveying, aerial surveying, remote sensing techniques, leveling works of the natural land surface features, including the modern industrial zone and modern devices (complete station, full station) and equipment, the global navigation and surveying (GPS, DGPS) and being able to maintain and maintain the devices. In addition, the preparation and mapping of  topographical, cadastral, thematic, and detail. As well as the use of geographical information systems (GIS) in order to build a database and produce digital messages in various fields.
  2. Development of the teaching staff in the department through the General Authority for the preparation and appropriate training and in order to teach the department on scientific research and scientific and executive implementation to obtain higher degrees and instructions to obtain higher degrees.
  3. Striving to develop the skills, scientific and scientific capabilities of the
    department’s engineers and technicians, and put them in developmental courses in a way that makes them positive for surgical tools.
  4. Openness to society through supply and supply circles, and providing consulting and engineering studies in the field of the department’s specialization.