The study of PhD in Power Mechanic Engineering Techniques / Thermal Engineering Techniques aims to prepare higher cadres specialized in Power Mechanic Engineering Techniques / Thermal Engineering Techniques, and qualifies the graduate to be able to:

1. Conducting studies and research within the specialization to serve the community and developing appropriate applied scientific solutions to solve the problems that the labor market suffers from.

2. Providing scientific and practical advice and solving dilemmas in the field of work within the specialization of state institutions and various sectors in the labor market.

3. Designing air-conditioning and refrigeration systems and thermal power stations, and developing various systems within the specialization in line with work conditions.

4. Upgrading the level of studies at the Central Technical University, diversifying it, and providing its various requirements.

5. Preparing faculty members and researchers with degrees (high diploma, master’s, doctorate) who are required by the higher education sector, scientific research in general, and technical education in particular.

6. Paying attention to directing students and choosing the best means to expand their activities, deepen their scientific and professional specializations, and develop their spirit of innovation, creativity, and initiative to contribute to the development of society and meet its needs.