Northern Technical University organizes an electronic symposium entitled (Coronaviridae, Classification, Definition, Pathogenesis, Lab . Diagnosis and Treatments )
Northern Technical University organizes a workshop on Women’s rights in Iraqi law.
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Northern Technical University organizes an online training course entitled (Designing Specialized Prefixes for Genes via NCBI)

The Department of Prosthetics at Al-Dur Technical Institute organized a training course entitled (Designing Specialized Prefixes for Genes via NCBI) for the period (26-28) February, the lecture was given by Dr. Luay Manna Ibrahim, head of the Scientific Division at the Institute, and a number of university affiliates participated in it.
The training course aimed to :
Urging researchers on the necessity of incorporating the genetic aspect into applied research in different disciplines as well as focusing on the use of molecular diagnostics to obtain high-resolution results and teaching researchers and various medical specialties on the best way to obtain standard nitrogen base sequences as well as the need to master the use of the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI).
The training course showed: – The need to use modern programs such as (Primer3 plus) to design standard primers and adhere to the standard design conditions with the need to take into account the optimum temperature for decoupling the two strands and the degree of fusion of the initiator into the template DNA and after each design, the researcher must conduct a hypothetical experiment through Insilco PCR to obtain the reaction result Hypothetically before applying it to laboratory samples.

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