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Northern Technical University launches a new initiative for peace ambassadors…

Under the sponsorship of Professor Dr. Aliya Abbas Ali Al-Attar, the President of the University, the Peaceful Coexistence Unit continues its collaboration with the Youth Horizons team and in cooperation with the GIZ organization. Its project aims to nurture peace ambassadors among students from the internal departments in a new initiative. The initiative recently held a dialogue session discussing the foundations of coexistence in the city of Mosul. The session featured a speech by Father Raed Adel, the responsible official of the Annunciation Church, who spoke about Mosul as a center of coexistence among the city’s different components, despite their diverse affiliations and identities. He commended the efforts made by the University President in this field and called for a fruitful message towards peace from the university. Additionally, a short report was presented about the various Iraqi components, introducing their cultures, beliefs, and celebrations. Furthermore, the student delegation visited the heritage market of Bab Al-Saray and strolled through its old shops. They also visited the UNESCO projects in Amaar Hawsh Al-Bayah and the Grand Mosque, as well as the city’s museums in the Beitna Foundation, Mosul Heritage House, and the Community Center.
It is worth mentioning that the Northern Technical University initiated the Peace Ambassadors project earlier this year to contribute to enhancing social cohesion in all provinces of Iraq. This initiative marks the university’s fourth endeavor towards its students, in collaboration with religious institutions, civil society organizations, and activists from the city’s youth.”

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