Northern Technical University Signing a joint cooperation agreement with Babylon University.
The Administrative Technical College organizes an online workshop on (The use of artificial neural networks in financial forecasting).
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Northern Technical University in joint cooperation with the University of Karbala.

In continuation of the Northern Technical University’s strategy of openness and cooperation with Iraqi universities, the Northern Technical University, represented by the President of the University, Prof. Dr. Alia Abbas Ali Al-Attar, signed a joint cooperation agreement with the University of Karbala, represented by Prof. Bassem Al-Saidi, which will promote a kind of dialogue and constructive communication at all levels. The agreement included Many important items that are in the interest of the two universities. And take advantage of the service capabilities of devices, equipment, and supplies available in research centers and units for the purpose of carrying out joint research, participating in publishing research papers and scientific books, in addition to encouraging scientific publishing in journals and periodicals issued in the two universities and participating in supervising theses and dissertation for masters and doctoral students.

On the other hand, the President of the University, Prof. Dr. Alia Abbas Ali Al-Attar, said: The importance of the agreement lies in several aspects through the use of scientific cadres of researchers, academics, teachers, and students, as well as the establishment of educational courses and the exchange of participation in the membership of committees for discussing master’s theses and doctoral assertation as an external member of the committee And cooperation to support and encourage activities and exchange visits for (initial and graduate) students between the two universities according to the available possibilities. At the end of the meeting, the President of the University of Karbala presented the university’s shield to the president of our university in gratitude for what she presented to our young university, which has become well-known and has become a strong competitor to reach the top in the ranks of international universities and with steady scientific steps. She commended the hospitality and extended her praise to all, wishing for more scientific brilliance.

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