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Mosul Technical Institute concludes a scientific course on the multiple uses of spirulina

Under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Alia Abbas Ali Al-Attar, President of the Northern Technical University, and under the supervision of Assistant Professor Shahla Abdel-Wahab Abdel-Qader, Dean of the Mosul Technical Institute, a scientific course was concluded in the Department of Animal Production Techniques entitled (The Multiple Uses of Spirulina). The lectures were alternately delivered by:

  • Ms. Warqaa Adel, assistant teacher.
  • Mr. Hani Hashem Mohamed / Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, Department of Animal Production
  • Dr. Shahba Khalil Ibrahim/Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

The course dealt with the features of spirulina and its high protein content, in addition to containing essential amino acids in a balanced manner. It also enhances the body’s immunity and is a rich source of antioxidants and a vital booster.

The session dealt with:

  • Introduction to SPIRULINA
  • What is spirulina? It is a type of algae, with a blue-green color, that grows naturally in oceans and saline lakes in subtropical climates.

Importance: Today, spirulina is considered a superfood for its richness in plant pigments and its high ability to perform the process of photosynthesis. The World Health Organization has also authorized their use as natural food dyes.

One of the benefits of spirulina is that it is rich in vitamins and minerals.

The session came out with several recommendations:

  • Spirulina can be used as feed additives, but in specific proportions and according to the type of fish, and it can be replaced with a fish meal by 50%.
  • Using them at high replacement rates may lead to the coloration of the skin of fish and sometimes the muscles in undesirable colors by the consumer.

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