Kirkuk Technical Institute organizes a scientific course entitled “Family Balance”

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Kirkuk Technical Institute organizes a scientific course entitled “Family Balance”

Under the patronage of the President of the Northern Technical University, Prof. Dr. Alia Abbas Ali Al-Attar, and under the supervision of the Dean of the Technical Institute / Kirkuk, the Department of Community Health Technologies organized a scientific course entitled “Family Balance”

The lecture was delivered in the session:

  • Assistant Professor Dr. Laila Abdel Sattar Sadiq
  • Assistant teacher Hussein Saber Qader
  • Assistant teacher Jalnik Hamid Mahmoud

The course dealt with the concept of family balance and the family in Islam, family guidance and its objectives and the reasons associated with the imbalance between family and work, and the impact of modern technology on the relations between members of the same family and society.

The course showed that the concept of the family, the family, and family relations are among the ancient concepts of man and intertwined with each other and are present in every society. Every individual, by virtue of his formation, seeks to reach a state of balance in life in its various aspects, where family balance is formed primarily through proper family education. Factors of anxiety, fear, turmoil, and internal defeat.

Secondly, by acquiring the virtue of patience in times of adversity, flexibility in facing reality with all its possibilities and keeping away from anxiety and tension, while learning optimism and not despair, and also the individual’s compatibility with himself is the first and basic factor in the formation of the community and educational entity and the concept of family in Islam means strength, and man is strengthened by it which is the family’s fortified shield. The course dealt with the balance between family and work, i.e. between working life and personal life, as well as the impact of technology, which has become a significant and not insignificant impact on relations between individuals in the Islamic society, as it affects family ties in an exaggerated manner. There is no doubt that the emergence of modern technological means of communication has caused a boom Some people see that the impact of technology on society is due to how it is used, and others believe that despite the positives of modern means of communication, its negatives have destroyed many families.

The course aimed at:

  1. Knowing the weaknesses that affect family relationships and interactions as a social system.
  2. Strengthening the positive values ​​of the family that achieve balance and stability in the family.
  3. Helping the family and its members to leave and neglect negative values.
  4. Helping the family to raise the level of its social performance.
  5. Working to achieve balance and cohesion in family relations.
  6. Helping individuals within the family who have problems to solve their problems.

The session came out with several conclusions:

  1. The individual does not live in isolation from other people because life is a common experience based on participation and cooperation.
    1. The family is the basic and first unit of growth, and it is also a basic unit in health and disease or success and failure.
    1. Individuals must be raised from their childhood to understand and listen to others and to love for others what he loves for themselves.
    1. The balance of the family depends on the parents and children, and to maintain it, each of them must maintain his role and commitment to the rules and choose the right methods to solve problems.

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