Medical Instrumentation Technology Engineering


The vision of the Medical Instrumentation Techniques Engineering Department is to prepare students to be applied engineers who are knowledgeable about modern medical instrumentation techniques. Furthermore, providing an academic environment and community services that keep up with the rapid development of medical devices, as well as providing the most up-to-date study programs to keep up with the scientific departments corresponding to the Department of Medical Device Technologies Engineering in reputable Arab and international universities.


The aim of the Medical Device Technology Engineering Department is to create an educational, technical, and research environment for students through the implementation of modern educational programs and curriculum that demonstrate the significance of this specialism. Providing scientific curricula, practical laboratories, and advanced applied research to replicate the demands of the labor market, opening up to health institutions, and contributing to the improvement of the global and regional health situation

Scientific Aims

Graduate Objectives, Goals and Job Description:

• Graduating engineers with scientific and practical abilities for diagnosing and repairing faults in medical device parts.

• Preparing qualified engineers who can keep up with the rapid development in the field of medical devices and providing them with the skills essential to create and modernize medical devices.

• Installation and operation of different diagnostic and therapeutic electrical and electromechanical medical devices.

• Contribute to and supervise the calibration, maintenance, and repair of various medical devices.

• Design, development, and specific decisions—making for certain medical device parts.

• Scheduling and planning routine maintenance tasks.

Program Aim:

This department aims to graduate a practical engineer concerned with new practices in the field of medical instrumentation.

Mode and Duration of Study:

Overall study in the Department of Medical Instrumentation Techniques Engineering requires four levels (Eight Semesters). Each semester consists of 15-weeks.


This subfield of engineering is intended to prepare students for careers as “applied” engineers who are experienced in the latest developments in their areas of specialization, such as those related to medical devices. through:

  1. Installs and operates electronic and electromechanical medical instruments used for  diagnosis, surgery, and therapy.
  2. Suggests periodic maintenance tables for medical instruments.
  3. Participate in maintaining and calibrating different medical instruments.
  4. Designs, develops, and try to use suitable substitutes for faulty units in medical instruments.

Graduation Requirements:

The majority of subjects are taught exclusively in English. Students attend and teach on-campus and online courses to assist students comprehend fundamental medical device engineering principles. Each academic year is evaluated using assignments, end-of-semester exams, and a senior project at the fourth-grade level. Undergraduate students are required to complete 67 courses throughout eight semesters and four academic levels with a cumulative average of at least 60 percent.

Courses and Curriculum Structure

First Level (41) Units
RequirmentName of SubjectTheortical HoursPartical HoursNumber of UnitPre-requisiteSubject Code
University  Human Rights101 NTU 100
English language 1202 NTU 101
Computer Principles 1122 NTU 102
Computer Principles 2122 NTU 103
Arabic Language202 NTU 104
Sport (Elective)112 NTU 105
Democracy101 NTU 106
French Language (Elective)202 NTU 107
CollegeFundamental of Electrical Engineering 223 TEMO 100
Mathematics 1  303 TEMO 101
Mathematics 2  303 TEMO 102
Engineering Drawing 122 TEMO 103
Workshop021 TEMO 104
DepartmentChemistry223 MIE 100
Medical Chemistry223 MIE 101
Physics223 MIE 102
Medical Physics223 MIE103
Mechanics202 MIE 106
Electrical Circuits 223 MIE 107
Total Numbe of Units322143  
Second Level (45) Units
RequirmentName of SubjectTheortical HoursPartical HoursNumber of UnitPre-requisiteSubject Code
University  English language 2202 NTU 200
Professional Ethics202 NTU 201
CollegeMathematics 3303 TEMO 200
Mathematics 4303 TEMO 201
  DepartmentMedical Laboratory Instrumentation 1223 MIE 200
Medical Laboratory  Instrumentation 2223 MIE 201
Clinical Chemistry Techniques223 MIE 202
Clinical Chemistry Devices223 MIE 203
Electronic Circuits 1223 MIE 204
Electronic Circuits 2223MIE 204MIE 205
Digital Logic223 MIE 206
Digital Circuits223 MIE 207
Computer Applications 1122 MIE 208
Computer Applications 2122 MIE 209
Anatomy and  Physiology223 MIE 210
Measurements and Medical Transducers223 MIE 211
Summer Training 1021 MIE 212
Total Numbe of Units322645  
Third Level (45) Units
RequirmentName of SubjectTheortical HoursPartical HoursNumber of UnitPre-requisiteSubject Code
UniversityEnglish Language 3202 NTU 300
DepartmentMedical Diagnostic Instruments 1223 MIE 300
Medical Diagnostic Instruments 2223 MIE 301
Medical Electronic Systems 1223 MIE 302
Medical Electronic Systems 2223 MIE 303
Fundamental of Communication Engineering223 MIE 304
Medical Communication Systems223MIE 304MIE 305
Signal processing223 MIE 306
Digital Signal processing223 MIE 307
Power Electronics223 MIE 308
Electrical Technology223 MIE 309
Computer Engineering 3122 MIE 310
Computer Engineering 4122 MIE 311
Microprocessors223 MIE 312
Microprocessors223MIE 312MIE 313
Summer Training 2021 MIE 314
Total Numbe of Units283043      
Forth Level (45) Units
RequirmentName of SubjectTheortical HoursPartical HoursNumber of UnitPre-requisiteSubject Code
University  English Language 4202 NTU 400
Research Methodology202 NTU 410
CollegeManagement202 TEMO 400
Project 1021 TEMO 401
Project 2021TEMO 401TEMO 402
DepartmentMedical Therapeutic Instruments 1223 MIE 400
Medical Therapeutic Instruments 2223 MIE 401
Fundamental of Laser Engineering223 MIE 402
Medical Laser System223 MIE 403
Fundamental of Control Engineering223 MIE 404
Control Systems223MIE 404MIE 405
Computer Applications 5122 MIE 406
Microcontrollers122 MIE 407
Basics of Radiation223 MIE 408
Engineering of Medical Radiation Instruments223 MIE 409
Digital Image Processing223 MIE 410
Selective Topic223 MIE 411
Total Numbe of Units282842