Chemical and Petroleum Industries Technology Engineering


The Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Techniques strives for excellence in all aspects of teaching and research, to produce Chemical Engineers of quality required in Industries / academic / research organizations and serves the society at national and international standards


Preparing engineering cadres in the field of chemical and oil engineering for the industrial chemical industry and industrial facilities in this field and solving industrial problems that appear in the future, engineering competencies, developing the future in the field of chemical and oil engineering techniques.

Scientific Aims

1- Preparing engineers familiar with basic scientific and engineering knowledge and expertise in the field of chemical and oil industries engineering and their technological developments.

2- Giving the graduate the ability to design laboratories and factories related to the chemical, oil, petrochemical and food industries.

3- Preparing graduates who are able to operate and manage laboratories and factories related to chemical engineering disciplines, by focusing on the practical and applied side during the study.

4- Enriching the educational process with postgraduate programs and solid applied scientific research, and emphasizing their role in community service and solving operational problems in the field of work.