The vision of the Medical Instrumentation Techniques Engineering Department is to prepare students to be applied engineers who are knowledgeable about modern medical instrumentation techniques. Furthermore, providing an academic environment and community services that keep up with the rapid development of medical devices, as well as providing the most up-to-date study programs to keep up with the scientific departments corresponding to the Department of Medical Device Technologies Engineering in reputable Arab and international universities.


The aim of the Medical Device Technology Engineering Department is to create an educational, technical, and research environment for students through the implementation of modern educational programs and curriculum that demonstrate the significance of this specialism. Providing scientific curricula, practical laboratories, and advanced applied research to replicate the demands of the labor market, opening up to health institutions, and contributing to the improvement of the global and regional health situation

Scientific Aims

Graduate Objectives, Goals and Job Description:

• Graduating engineers with scientific and practical abilities for diagnosing and repairing faults in medical device parts.

• Preparing qualified engineers who can keep up with the rapid development in the field of medical devices and providing them with the skills essential to create and modernize medical devices.

• Installation and operation of different diagnostic and therapeutic electrical and electromechanical medical devices.

• Contribute to and supervise the calibration, maintenance, and repair of various medical devices.

• Design, development, and specific decisions—making for certain medical device parts.

• Scheduling and planning routine maintenance tasks.