Council of Technical Engineering College / Mosul

Dean of Technical Engineering College / Mosul
 Professor Dr. Majid Khalil Najim 

Assistant Prof. Dr.

Rakan Khalil ANTAR

Assistant Dean for Financial and Administrative Affairs

Assistant Prof. Dr.

Ahmed Jadaan Ali

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

Assistant Prof. Dr.

 Mohammed Sabah Jarjees

Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs and Graduate Studies

Dr. Emad Ahmed Mohammed

    Head of the Computer Technology  Engineering Department


Dr. Zaid Husham Al-Sawaff

Head of the Medical Instrumentation Technology Engineering Department

Dr. Laith Akram Mohammed

Head of Electrical Power Engineering Department


Jasim Mohammed Abed

Head department of Building and Construction Technology Engineering

Dr. Razan A Abdulhammed

Head of the Engineering Department of Cybersecurity Technologies and Cloud Computing

Dr. Huda Abdul Razzak Younis

Head of Chemical and Petroleum Industries Technology Engineering

Dr.Mustafa Ridha Mezaal

Head of Geomatics Engineering Department

Dr. Haitham M. Wadullah

Head of Applied Mechanical Engineering Department